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it is possible to become a model at 40

mrl models and fashion- it is possible to become a model at 40. update by Rihan Ibrahim

Seasoned artists are good as honey, spice up your passion and unleash the raw beauty in you.

It could be a little challenging to come out and explore your capabilities but it’s not too late, actually, it is never late! Shall we walk through a few checklists and warm up the oomph!

Commercial modelling for advanced age models
People are more likely to buy products advertised by age-appropriate models, and the commercial industry has improved a lot by far. The commercial industry is more inclusive of models of all age, colour, gender and body type. Is it not more acceptable when an advanced age model partners with brands targeted at people in their late 40s and above. Given that they have reached an age where their responsibilities are off the shoulder and finally they get to spend on themselves. This paves way for all people with the fire to glow in front of the camera. Age is no bar to shy away from opportunities. Try to screen for as many advertisements as you can, a good performer always stays in the mind, one way or another you will be benefited. Marketing advertisements cover a huge audience, making your pretty face a lot familiar. There are chances you can make a huge hit in your professional streak.

How do you reflect on your age?
We all have lied about our age once or another time. If not all, well at least a few of us did! It is great to feel sixteen at heart and dress like 40. Trends are created with youngsters in mind because they are more likely to spend on fast fashion than mature adults.

Pick a dress that makes you feel confident and enhances your curves. Be ready to groove the moment time calls for cheers.
Have a classic collection which vibes with current fashion, Invest in accessories to elevate the attire.
Remember the 5 accessories rule, do not repeat the same pattern of jewellery within a look. Make one of the accessories stand out while the rest compliments all else.
Comfort does matter especially as we grow and our needs change, Prioritise chic comfy clothes. The goal is to look like 40 when you’re 40! do not give up on your elegance trying to look younger.
If you haven’t heard already, You age like wine. Let the wildness rule and be surprised by the difference it offers you…

Reach them better
Good photography is a great kick-starter; it gets half the job done. Be open for collaborations, this can bring in more theme-based make-up costumes, the more versatile better for the album. Book yourself a good photographer, we will need some cool shots covering you from head to toe. Get those stilettos out, this will give your body an elevated appearance and nice curves, get twisty and twirly for some cinched look. You normally won’t be thinking of jumping on a trampoline but you know what, the jumps make the picture so vibrant. Bring out the joyous face and pose like nobody is watching you, get those nerves under control. Do we need a dash of elegance, yes we may! do not miss out on some classic poise poses. Some props may come in handy for your pictures and you do not have to move around so much to get all this done. There are many studio’s with all the facilities you will need. Choose a package that will work best for you. One good album will speak the art for you.

Are you Gorgeous
Does that sound like a question, well that is no threat to your beauty! It is good to be in shape and that strictly does not fit into the latest trending body image ideas. The trend keeps changing. You do not have to get those plumpy lips or insanely cinched hip with a heavy bottom to look gorgeous. Eat healthily and keep yourself well hydrated, Your skin gets all the glow with that extra sip of water. Not all projects need skinny models, some demand plus-size models. It is important to feel like you and not like a body double of someone at the end of the day. Make your body your temple, Celebrate it, Worship it and keep it glowing in happiness! It is important to get hired rather than just being Hollywood pretty. Focus on looking like the best version of yourself, This makes a lot of stuff easy for you. Highlight your best feature, work on your negative and carry that like a medal too. The more confident you seem, the lesser others will take notice of it. Remember you do not have to be someone or something else to be gorgeous. The secret to looking gorgeous is to sport a smile from within your heart like a baby’s relaxed smile in its sleep calm and serene that does well enough to drop down some jaws.

Greek Goddesses on the walk
Aren’t we all looking up at the sky hoping to spot that star that showers us a ray of hope? So many mature models came up and shined, banged with their appearance and demonstrated that age is only a number. Take Naomi Campbell for that matter, will words even suffice to describe her elegance. While her essential spotlight these days is on charitable undertakings and functioning as a contributing editor of British Vogue, Naomi shows that mature models are as yet an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the modelling industry. She showed up on the runway at the Versace Spring 2018 demonstrating that genuine magnificence won’t ever age. Claudia Schiffer is another beauty from the 90s. She made an appearance on the covers of Elle, Time, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and numerous others. She also did share the Versace spring 2018 runway with Naomi Campbell as well. There is Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Lauren Hutton and many more to look up for inspiration.

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